Free Maya The Bee Movie Delicious Recipes

Maya The Bee Movie is available on DVD and Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack TODAY! That means this cute little bee can buzz into our homes with a ton of family fun! Check out my Maya The Bee Movie review for more information about the movie.

In celebration of the Maya The Bee Movie release, here are several yummy recipes that are fun to make with the whole family! They all have a “Bee theme” making them perfect additions to viewing the Maya The Bee Movie.
Recipes include:

    Honey Vanilla Ice Cream
    Honeybee cookies
    Peanut Butter Bumble Bees

These recipes are free to download, simply click the image below. Then follow the recipes and begin buzzing around the kitchen like a bumble bee making yummy honey snacks. Use raw honey to make the treats even more delicious!

Maya The bee Movie recipes

This amazing family fun film is something all generations will enjoy. With moral themes to help guide the young and geeky quotes to entertain us all, there is so much to love about Maya The Bee Movie.

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The fun doesn’t stop at the recipes! Grab the Maya The Bee Movie bee facts and gardening tips or the many fun free coloring pages from my blog by clicking the images below.

Earth day Maya the bee activity

Maya The Bee Movie Printable Coloring pages

Make a day of Maya the Bee Movie with the whole family by going outside and playing in the dirt, relaxing at the table with Maya the Bee coloring pages, making delicious bee snacks and watching Maya The Bee Movie. It will be so much fun, the day may even have to be repeated 😀

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