Maya The Bee Earth Day Gardening and Bees 101

Celebrate Earth Day with these wonderful Gardening tips and Bee facts brought to you by the ever adventurous Maya The Bee!

For example,

    Did you know that there are over 25,000 known species of Bees in the world?

Wow that is a lot of bees! This makes me wonder how many species of bees I have actually seen or heard of.

Not only are there great Bee Facts to wow your mind, there are also gardening tips for the new gardener. Learn the tools of the trade, terminology and what plants are easy to start out with.

For example:

    Perennials is a Plant that lives for more than two years.

More facts can be found in the free download below featuring Maya The Bee! Take this Earth Day to learn about the bees and plant a little something to watch it grow. Nature is amazing!

To get the free facts click the image below to download the PDF. Maya The Bee will be glad you can enjoy the “bee”-auty of Spring.

Earth day Maya the bee activity

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