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Neotox is a rare plant slug with toxic abilities that can make a slug or attacker sick. It also has the ability to destroy metals by corrosion. They are found in swamps or marshes. Their orange head is a sure sign of the dangers this slug can ensue upon it’s victims. Remember, bright colors on an animal usually mean “Do Not Touch…Deadly.” The same can be said for a Neotox.

The danger really occurs when multiple Neotox are fired at once creating a forever expanding Neotox fog. It is a deadly cloud of gas that just keeps growing and the only way to stop it is by firing a Vinedrill that knows Vinevent. Side note: One should be careful with the Vinedrill and Neotox, at first glance they look very similar. If you are looking to stop a Neotox cloud, make sure you are not firing another Neotox into the cloud.

The ghouled form of a Neotox is Neurotox. Like the Neotox, Neurotox also has the ability to emit a toxic fog. However, this fog corrupts plants making it far more deadly. To dispel its effects a slugslinger will need a Vinedrill to remove the fog and a Boon Doc to heal the plants. Let’s just say…don’t fire this slug.

For more information about Neotox see the specs below. Then grab the free coloring page and color your own Neotox.



Neotox specs
Neotox: Species #40
A Famous Slug of this species: Unknown
Preferred Habitat: Swamps and marshes
Power Type: Poison
Element: Plant
Rarity: Rare
Protoform Abilities: Wilts nearby plants.
Attacks: 4

  1. Toxicloud – Slug emits a toxic poison cloud attack.
  2. Slugblight – Poison cloud makes slugs sick, they don’t want to stay in their shells.
  3. Rustaloid – Corrodes blasters and gear – reduces reliability and function, will stop working over time.
  4. Metalrot – Makes metal brittle and easy to break, slugslingers can shoot metal floors, walls, etc.

Fusion Attack:
According to Slugterra Wiki there is a Fusion shot called Toxic Tusk.

  1. Toxic Tusk: “Neotox” + “Thresher”

Ghouled Tenasher: Neurotox

Neotox transformation at 100 mph (Velocimorph):

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