Oct 06 2013

Free Printables for the Animated Movie Free Birds

Free Birds Free Printables
November 1st turkeys fight to take themselves off the menu in a new movie called “Free Birds”
Voices by Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, and Amy Poehler.
Of course when there is a new movie I look for the free printables. FREEBIES!! and a chance to increase my digital hoard 😀
Also These are great activities for kids and parents to enjoy the movie with coloring pages, mazes and a word search.

The animated Gifs below are also fun motions to post across the internet.

Word search
Coloring Pages
Group photo
Group photo 2
Group Photo 3
Download all 7 pages
Turkey Party
Electric Egg
Turkey foot
Official website

If you know of any other free printables for the animated movie “Free Birds” Share the links below. I will add them to the list to help others increase their hoard.

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