Get Free Stickers from Digital Ocean!

Digital Ocean Free Shark Stickers

Well, the coolest thing happened to me today! I found a small white envelope in my mailbox. At first glance it appeared empty. Odd, why would someone send me an empty envelope. Curiously I read the sender’s name…Digital Ocean Sticker Dept. Two things came to mind:

  1. I want to see a digital Ocean
  2. How cool is it that this company has a department just for Stickers!



Now, for those who may not know, my family has a sticker hoard. We have so many different styles and themes that we could probably open a sticker museum. So the minute I read sticker dpt, that envelope was flying open. What fell into my lap are probably four of the most unique shark stickers I have ever seen…Well three are unique and one is just cute.

DigitalOcean Shark Stickers

The stickers are in the shape of a shark, probably an inhabitant of the Digital Ocean.

  • The first shark is a normal blue and white shark with a large smile. Adorable.
  • The second Shark featured the same shark but with an x-ray view. You see his skeletal structure and his heart. His heart is certainly not 3 sizes too small.
  • The third shark appears to be a monster shark or a dinosaur shark. At any rate it is green and I would say, almost primal.
  • the Fourth shark is a little more weird. It looks like someone built a wooden mechanical shark. Very Industrial.



After admiring the new additions to our family sticker hoard, I wondered how Digital Ocean even knew we loved stickers. This couldn’t have been a random mailing to a random person. I began doing research on the company and found that they actually give out these stickers to anyone who requests them! What is even more amazing, is I requested these back in November and forgot all about them do to holiday madness. 4 months later, we get a nice surprise. I guess patience wasn’t really needed in this case. However, that does lead me to say if you wish to request your own set of free stickers, be sure to know that it may take a while.

Requesting the stickers is rather easy. Simply fill out the Digital Ocean Sticker Request Form and then wait…and wait…and probably wait some more. Eventually Digital Ocean stickers will arrive at your door and into your own sticker collection. Note: Your stickers may vary from what I received, I guess it will be a surprise to see what you get!

Digital Ocean Request form