Holly Star is a Treasure Hunt for Love

Get ready for an all new Christmas adventure involving paintballs, puppets, pilfering grandparents, and of course a powerful Christmas kiss when “Holly Star” arrives on DVD and Digital Dec 4th. After losing her job as a puppeteer, Sloan returns home where she has a near death experience and her life flashes before her eyes. Before she knows it she goes on a crazy treasure hunt to find a huge bag of money that Santa buried. Sloan drags her paintball-obsessed best friend, her tango-dancing grandmother and her childhood sweetheart in on the treasure hunt as the mystery unfolds.




Like many recent Christmas movies, Holly Star features the ever endearing cliche theme of a career girl (Sloan) returning to her small town home where she is in search of another job or something better. Being that Holly Star is a Christmas movie, Sloan finds a temporary job at a Christmas Tree Lot where an old flame is taking over the family business.

What may not be considered Cliche is the side story of a treasure hunt. After a near death experience brings forgotten memories forward, Sloan believes she saw Santa bury treasure somewhere in town. Sloan’s entire goal is to find this treasure… even if it means attempting another near death experience. Oh yes, picture a crazy best-friend on a murder/death/kill pretend…possibly real… quest. There are several scenes where I was almost on the floor laughing. For example, KK, Sloam’s best friend, tries to kill her with a car. I think at that moment, KK loses all control and goes on a rampage.


Of course, any decent Christmas movie will show that the greatest treasure in the world isn’t money or gold, but love, friendship, and family. Holly Star follows through with the holiday expectations and leads the audience to a warm closure… For the most part. It may not be very Christmasy of me, but I wanted to see the whole treasure hunt get completed and for everyone she cares about to stand there in shock thinking, “Wow, the Lobster Wars did exist.”

This story was very fun to watch even if it was a bit cliche. I would say Holly Star is worth a peek for a good laugh. Check out the trailer below and get ready to watch Holly Star Dec. 4th.

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