Mary Poppins Returns Disney Printables

Mary Poppins Returns hit theaters Dec 19, 2018. This is one of the few recent Disney movies released that isn’t a remake. Mary Poppins Returns is actually a sequel to the original Mary Poppins, which starred Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins. This time Mary Poppins is played by Emily Blunt. Other cast members include Ben Whishaw, Emily Mortimer, and Dick Van Dyke!



According to imbd, Mary Poppins Returns is a strong 7.3 out of 10 stars, making this a worth while, truly magical family fun movie. So I guess, if you haven’t seen it, go catch a kite and soar over to a theater near you.

In honor of Mary Poppins Returns playing in theaters, Disney has released several fun printables featuring Mary Poppins and the Banks. There are Coloring Pages, Bookmarks, maze, and fun activity crafts. To download the printables click the images below and save the PDF to your computer. Then print and create for hours of magical fun.

Mary Poppins Returns Printables
Coloring Page 1
Coloring Page 2
Coloring Page 3
Coloring Page 4
Coloring Page 5
Coloring Page 6
Coloring Page 7
Coloring Page 8

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