Rubble and Crew: Construction Crew to the Rescue! Review and DVD Giveaway – Ends 5-17-2024

On Tuesday, May 14, 2024, Rubble and Crew: Construction Crew to the Rescue! will be available on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment for the suggested retail price of $10.99! Fans will be able to join Rubble and his crew as they go on some exciting builds! From building a beaver’s home to building a pig barn, the team builds it up.

Rubble and Crew: Construction Crew to the Rescue! can be found on (affiliate link).

I receievd the chance to review Rubble and Crew: Construction Crew to the Rescue! and here is what I thought.

Rubble and Crew started when Rubble was called to a neighboring Adventure Bay city called Builder Cove. There are projects that Mayor Greatway needs help with. Realizing how much work needs to be done, Rubble has his family move to Builder Cove so that they can help build up the town. Mix, Charger, Wheeler, Motor, Auntie Crane, and Grandpa Gravel move to Builder Cove and they all start a business called Rubble and Crew.

Like PAW Patrol, teamwork and problem solving are huge themes throughout the Rubble and Crew series. Rubble and his crew build stuff together using the machinery they are good at to get the projects done. Whether it’s cleaning up messes using their awesome construction vehicles, or building a fire station, the team comes together to make sure Builder Cove grows safely and quickly.

Hilariously, Rubble and Crew reminds me of the Marvel Universe where a character gets their own spin-off series with cameos of the main characters popping in. Rubble and Crew: Construction Crew to the Rescue! follow similar Marvel themes by bringing in original character cameos from PAW Patrol to help solidify this spin-off series. For example, in this DVD collection, we get to see Marshall as he inspects Builder Cove’s first-ever fire station. Everyone loves Marshall, so this is a great idea to bring fans into the Rubble series.

Of course, Rubble and Crew have their own legs to stand on. Kids love construction vehicles, dogs, and entertainment, so the Rubble and Crew: Construction Crew to the Rescue! DVD is a perfect collection that fans will enjoy. Kids will love watching Rubble and his family build a beaver a home, fix a road, clean up popcorn, find treasure, build a pig barn, build a runway, build a lighthouse, and build a fire station (Hi Marshall). This DVD boasts over 2 hours of entertainment, construction, and adventures that the whole family will enjoy.

The episodes found on the Rubble and Crew: Construction Crew to the Rescue! DVD are as followed:

  • The Crew Builds a Beaver Home / The Crew Fixes a Road
  • The Crew Builds a Popcorn Café / The Crew Fixes a Slippery Mess
  • The Crew Builds a Drive-In Movie Theater / The Crew Finds a Rainbow Treasure
  • The Crew Builds a Pig Barn / The Crew Builds a Giant Runway
  • The Crew & Marshall Build a Fire Station
  • The Crew Does a Home Renovation / The Crew Builds a Lighthouse

With so much fun, construction, vehicles, and the themes we have come to love from PAW Patrol, I give this DVD collection 5 stars!

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