MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE: Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon Activities & Coloring Pages

Mickey and his friends are coming back May 24th in an all new Disney Junior DVD collection called, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon! This collection features SIX Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes for the little ones to enjoy.

  • Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon
  • Mickey’s Mousekeball!
  • Donald’s Brand New Clubhouse
  • Mickey’s Mousekedoer Adventure
  • Mickey’s Mystery!
  • Mickey’s Happy Mousekeday

I got the chance to watch this DVD and this is what I found…
“Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon” is a Disney Junior episode collection of Disney Juniors hit TV show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Therefore, it is directed at little kids. Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, Donald and even Toodles are there to interact with the audience as they compete in their Sport-y-thon events. But it wouldn’t be a true Disney Junior collection without the opportunity to teach life lessons. In Mickey’s Sport-y-thon, Disney Junior has taken the opportunity to teach ‘Never Give Up,’ ‘Play Fair,’ ‘Try Your Best,’ and ‘Have Fun.’

For example, when Space Minnie attempts to get her ball through the hoop she uses a jet pack. Since no one else has a jet pack, Goofy, the referee, deems the jet pack unfair. Space Minnie realizes she has an advantage with her gadget and removes it to play fair. She then displays excellent team work as she helps her team score the winning basket.



The DVD also comes with a very cool Mickey Sport-y-thon medal. I was surprised to find out that it isn’t just cheap plastic, it actually has some weight to it and sounds like a coin when you drop it (found that out by accident).

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In anticipation of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Sport-Y-Thon coming to DVD May 24, Disney Junior has released a fun printable activity pack! The pack contains:

  • Name that Ball
  • Word Find
  • Unscramble
  • Spot the Difference
  • Maze Racer
  • Six Coloring Pages
    • Mickey Mouse
    • Minnie Mouse
    • Donald Duck
    • Daisy
    • Goofy
  • Connect the Dots

Download Mickey's Sport-Y-Thon Activities


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