Minnie-Rella Free Printables, Activities and a Recipe

Minnie-rella free Printables SKGaleana

Mouseke-magic meets storybook enchantment in a charming Clubhouse adventure inspired by your favorite fairy tale! To surprise Minnie with a special present, Mickey and the gang keep her busy with loads of chores until they pick out the perfect gift. Tired from so much work, Minnie falls asleep. and her dreamy fantasy begins. With a “Mouseke-doodle-lee-do,” Fairy Godmother Clarabelle waves her wand and sets the magic in motion. Will Minnie-Rella make it to Prince Mickey’s castle in time? What will happen at midnight? Will the slipper fit? With help from YOU – and the right Mouseketools – happily ever after is just a wish away!

On February 11, 2014 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (MMCH) Minnie-rella comes to DVD. It is a Minnie mash-up with Cinderella.
After completing some chores, Minnie falls asleep and dreams that she is Minnie-rella and mickey Mouse is her Prince. All the main characters will be featured: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Clarabelle Cow, Ludwig Von Drake, Pete, Mortimer Mouse, Quoodles, Chip ‘n’ Dale and more.

This episode will air on February 14th if you do not wish to get the DVD.

In anticipation to this Valentine’s Release, Disney Junior has released a few printables. Below you can find connect the dots, Match the items, Chore chart, Cupcake Recipe, and Telling Time Activity.

Puzzle Page
Chore Chart
Telling Time Activity


I hope you enjoy these fun Valentine’s Day printables featuring Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters and the Cinderella mash-up.

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