Monsters Inc & Monster University Free Printables

Monsters University

Here are some awesome free printables for those throwing a Monsters University or Monsters Inc party! Of course these are great for a kid (or adult) who just love the movie and want to have a little fun! The printable board game is really cool and fun. Have the kids help set it up and get the game going.



The following printables were not made by me. They are printables that I have found and decided to share them in one location. Simply click on the following links and print or save to your computer for another time.

Monsters Inc Printables and Activities
Mike Wazowski
Sully and Boo
Boo Paper Bag Puppet
Shrink Charms
Hide and go Shriek
Wazowski Flashlight cover
Activity page 1
Activity Page 2
Activity Page 3
Coloring Page
Door Hanger
Employee Badges
Scarer of the Month
Party Noisemakers
Monsters University Printables and Activities
Pin the Badge on Archie
Student ID
3D Papercraft of Art
Monsters University Stickers
Draw your own Crest
Sully Mask
Travel Pack 1 Monsters University
Travel Pack 2 Monsters University: Coloring page and Letter head
Monsters University Board Game
BBQ Recipe Coriander corn on the claw
BBQ Recipe Scare School Steak
BBQ Recipe Roaring Ribs
Memory Cards
Massive Activity Pack
Spooky smoothies Recipe
Spot the difference
MU in the House
monster sneakers
Tailgate recipes
Large OK Puzzle
Candy Totes template
Window decorations
Activity Page
Coloring Page

MU monsters university activity page answer key
MU Tips
Monsters Inc
Monsters University

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