OPERATE NOW: HOSPITAL is Now available for Free on iOS and Android

OPERATE NOW: HOSPITAL, the ultimate hospital simulation game, is now available for free on iOS and Android exclusively from Spil Games. In this game, players get a graphic insight into what it feels like to be a surgeon, while also managing the drama of a hospital to create a world-class medical institution.

And as if that wasn’t already dramatic enough, emotions are running high… is paramedic James strong enough to handle things when his tragic history seems certain to repeat itself? How will surgeon Sirona cope with her family crisis? Chief-of-Surgery Noah Stone has a secret — will it bring down the whole hospital?

It’s just like your favorite TV hospital drama, but it is you who is calling the shots:

OPERATE NOW: HOSPITAL allows the gamers to Feel:

  • The tension of saving lives in surgery …
  • the challenge of running your own hospital …
  • the excitement of keeping the hospital open against the odds
  • The Game allows players to:

    Build their own Hospitals

    Optimize hospital resources and staff to create a world-class medical institution

    Deal with the everyday human drama that goes hand-in-hand with running a hospital

    Performing complex operations

    Check out the trailer and prepare to run your own team of doctors.

    Available on the =App Store or Google Play devices

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