Over 60 Free Christmas Fonts

I like to make Homemade Christmas cards. The personal touches and the ability to make it for a certain person just makes the cards extra special and less commercialized. My parents get a special card every year with popups, glitter and a little love. It quite literally is a tradition because I have been making them a Christmas Card since I was itty bitty. This year I have been working on a card using Photoshop. It was all going really well until I realized that I have absolutely no Christmas Fonts. Out of the gazillions of fonts I have, Candy Canes, snow flake, and Santa Claus fonts were no where to be found. Well this just wouldn’t do. I had to have Christmas fonts to make my cards. Even if I had to pay for them I was gonna at least have a candy cane font.



Amazingly enough, fonts are not really that hard to find, or I had the greatest stroke of luck and found just the right site in under 30 seconds. A quick search for Christmas Fonts led me to theholidayspot.com where they have OVER 60 Christmas fonts anyone can download and install into their computer. And as an added Christmas Bonus, they are all free! Trust me when I tell you, it is like getting Christmas Presents early!

theholidayspot.com makes the whole thing rather simple. Click the image below and head over to the site. Using the images provided, find the font you want and click the image and save the zip to your computer. After the download is complete extract the files from the zip. Then in a new window open your fonts file under the control panel and slide the recently downloaded font file into your fonts folder. That’s it, extremely easy. Just the way I like it!

Christmas Fonts