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Sofia The First: The Curse of Princess Ivy Free Printable Premiere Party Pack!

Here comes the most thrilling adventure in the history of Sofia the First! Watch Sofia and Amber join forces with special guest Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore from Disney’s “Tangled”) as they embark on an adventure to defeat the evil Princess Ivy (voiced by Anna Camp “The Help,” “Pitch Perfect”) from turning the kingdom black-and-white …

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Pixie Hollow Bake Off Now Available On Disney Movies Anywhere

Disney Fairies Fly Over to Disney Movies Anywhere This July! Reunite with your favorite fairies this July on Disney Movies Anywhere, kicking off with an all-new Pixie Preview ‘Pixie Hollow Bake Off’ featuring ‘Fairy Gelata’ voiced by Giada De Laurentiis. In this latest adventure our favorite fairies must use their talents to help Tink in …

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TV Show Cubeecrafts

Arrow Katy Perry Chef Ramsay Dan Chris foop Cheburashka Cheburashka His from Psych Shawn from Psych Dr. Wily Caretaker

Puppy Dog Pals is a Howling Good Time

With Puppies at play saving the day there is a ton of fun and adventures to have. The adorable puppy brothers Bingo and Rolly are back in an all new DVD collection! Join the doggy duo on their missions as the deep-sea dive, fetch a four-leaf clover in Ireland, see the Down Under and so …

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Cinderella’s Princess Palace Pets

Helpful and kind, Cinderella’s Princess Palace Pets look to be the best at assisting Cinderella with whatever she needs. Of course, the occasional Ball is also on the list of things to do. Cinderella’s pets usually wear glass jewelry in honor of her glass slipper. They are also usually blue or white, similar to the …

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Free Coloring Page featuring Bibbidy from Disney’s Princess Palace Pets

Cinderella has many Palace Pets that are so adorable, but not many of them adore doing chores, which is why Bibbidy deserves some extra props. I think everyone needs a pony like this in their life, I know I would love to have a chore loving pony. Bibbidy is a little white Pony. She wears …

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16 Free Mia and Me printables from Centopia

I was searching around Netflix looking for something to watch in my “nothing looks good but I proceed to search anyway, wasting an hour just reading descriptions and deciding against watching it” mood, when I came across a show called “Mia and Me.” The cover art looked cute enough and the description sparked enough interest …

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Free Winter Wonderland Printable Checkers Game

It is a Marshmallow World during my favorite time of year! I love the snow, I love to build snowmen, and I really love snowball fights. In fact, my whole family loves the white stuff that falls from the sky coating the world in a blanket of snow. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My love for snow goes …

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Printable Halloween Coloring Page of Ms. Featherbon from Whisker Haven

I was going through the images featured on the Whisker Haven Facebook page, when I came across an adorable Halloween image of Ms. Featherbon in a pumpkin costume with a purple witch’s hat. Inspiration hit, and I had to change her into a coloring page. Ms. Featherbon is a hummingbird fairy, who is the magical …

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Whisker Haven Printable Coloring Pages and Activities

Whisker Haven is a place where all the Disney Princess Palace Pets can go to relax and be themselves in a magical land filled with Critterzens (critter citizens) and all their pals from different kingdoms. The kingdom of Whisker Haven lies in a secret realm, somewhere deep in the fairytale space between the palaces of …

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