PAW Patrol: Big Truck Pups Review and #Giveaway – Ends 12-21-2022

PAW Patrol is going Big Rig in their all new DVD release, PAW Patrol: Big Truck Pups! Get ready for BIG adventure, BIG rescues and BIG trucks! Bigger rescues call for bigger rides and a new friend! From their new Truck Stop HQ, Ryder, the pups and their new pup-friend Al will take their brand-new Big Trucks out on the road to save the day. The pups team up with Al to save the Adventure Bay Bridge and stop a flood, plus so much more!  PAW Patrol: Big Truck Pups will be available on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment on December 6, 2022, for the suggested retail price of $10.99.

Thanks to Nickelodeon, I got the chance to review the new DVD and here is what I think.

PAW Patrol: Big Truck Pups is ready to save the day in a big way with 10 episodes that require BIG trucks. From stopping a flood to saving hatchlings, no case is too big. The 10 episodes are:

  • Pups Stop a Flood
  • Pups Save the Bridge
  • Pups Save a Sliding Chalet
  • Pups Save a Really Big Dish
  • Pups Save the Swiped Speakers
  • Pups Save the Big Big Pipes
  • Pups Save the Tooth Fairy
  • Pups Solve the Mystery of the Missing Art
  • Pups Save the Hatchlings
  • Pups Save a Wrongway Farmhand

If your family members are avid PAW Patrol watchers, it will come as no surprise that these episodes embody everything we have come to love about PAW Patrol. There is teamwork, empathy, excitement, caring, problem solving, new friends, and so much more. Of course, we also get new equipment, machines, and new ways to solve scary situations. For example, when Al’s big load of pipes break loose in “Pups Save the Big Big Pipes”, it is up to the pups to save those who may be in the way and get the pipes back on the truck so that Al can continue his delivery.

With so much going on in 10 amazing episodes, I give PAW Patrol: Big Truck Pups 5 stars. It is everything we expect from the PAW Patrol franchise.

To celebrate the release of PAW Patrol: Big Truck Pups on Dec 6, 2022, we are hosing a giveaway! Simply use the form below to follow, comment, and share. each task erns an entry! Many will enter only one will win! Good Luck!

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    • Hannah G on 11/30/2022 at 15:19

    My kids love military jets and big trucks.

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