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The Seventh Dwarf now on Blu-ray and DVD

Grab the all new adventure of The Seventh Dwarf On Blu-ray and DVD Today! Get lost in a fairy tale world of enchantment featuring Snow White, the seven dwarfs, Cinderella, Princess Rose (a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty) and more. When and accident cause the whole kingdom to fall into a deep sleep it is up to a …

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The Colors of Suffrage for Women’s Equality Day

It is hard to believe that 95 years ago, on August 26, 1920, Women received the right to vote. Actually let me revise that, after a fierce battle, protests and a lot of indignity, Women fought for and earned the right to vote. We are no longer treated like second-class citizens, but are given the …

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Free Princess Palace Pets Coloring Page of Nyle

Meet Nyle the monkey, one of the newest Princess Palace Pets. I have to admit, after watching Aladdin, I wondered when they would create a friend for Abu. A monkey had to be created, at least in my mind it was inevitable. Unlike Abu, Nyle is a little more unorthodox when it comes to color. …

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Inside Out Joy Emotion Food Art

Help the little ones take the lead this back-to-school season with delicious and fun snacks. Bring a little “Joy” into the mix with fun food art featuring the leader of Riley’s emotions from Disney’s new movie, Inside Out. Joy may be tiny enough to fit inside Riley’s mind but she is a big part of …

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Tomorrowland, Where Anything Is Possible

Dreamers Wanted! Disney invites you to an incredible world of epic imagination where anything is possible. Blast off on this family adventure that is magical, inspiring and a whole lot of fun. It will take us on a thrill ride of nonstop adventures through new dimensions that have only been dreamed of. From the director …

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Free Cubeecraft Paper Craft of Edith from Despicable Me

Edith is the middle child of the three girls Gru adopted. A little more unruly than Margo or Agnes, Edith finds her place in the world as a destructive but awesome tomboy. Edith is a child that should probably be watched like a hawk. She has been known to play with dangerous weapons, break bottles …

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Free Disney Descendants Coloring Pages

There is certainly no shortage of Disney Descendants printables. Several can be found on my blog: Descendants featuring printable bookmarks, invitations, recipes and more. But I found there to be a large shortage of coloring pages. I mean the logos alone are extremely cool. Mal has two dragons, Carlos has two bones, Jay has an …

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Miles From Tomorrowland: Let’s Rocket on DVD

“Miles From Tomorrowland: Let’s Rocket” flew to DVD August 11th with 10 blastastic episodes featuring Merc, Miles and his family. This DVD shares the stories of flying through space with family and friends in some pretty gnarly adventures from surfing quantum waves to collecting space junk. His two cool parents and awesome geeky sister makes …

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Free Printable Disney Story Books

You and your family can go an adventure with Jasmine, Cinderella, Ariel and Rapunzel in their adorable little storybooks featuring their amazing stories from Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Tangled and Cinderella. These printable books are just in time to get the kids to start reading again before school starts, not to mention they are fun …

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Disney Launches “A Million Words of Kindness” Campaign

In celebration of the Digital HD, Blu-ray and Disney Movies Anywhere release of Cinderella out September 15th, Disney launches the “A Million Words of Kindness” Campaign. Inspired by the spirit of Cinderella to “have courage and be kind,” share your words of kindness at in time for World Kindness Day! Here are my words …

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