Printable Star Wars Porg Paper Snowflakes DIY

December 15 marks the release date for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It is common knowledge for many of us super fans out there. The funny thing is, most of us are probably just as excited to see those little fluffy Porgs just as much as we are to see the whole movie. These little penguin-like creatures have really waddled in to the hearts of several fans, mine included.



In anticipation of Star Wars: the Last Jedi coming to theaters, Anthony Herrera Designs has made it possible for every fan out there tp decorate their home in all things Porg with two fantastic designs of Porg snowflakes! And to make it even better, he provides the patterns for free. All we have to do is Download, print, and create!!

To download these wonderful snowflake patterns simply head over to Anthony Herrera Designs click the links and save the Porg designs to you computer. Be sure to also check all the other awesome Star Wars snowflake designs Anthony has on his blog. It is a wonderful collection!

The Porg snowflakes come in two designs: Calm and Excited Porg as shown below.

Images from Anthony Herrera Designs