Shark Week Craft: Paper Plate Shark Jaws

Shark Week Starts July 5
Starting July 5, Shark Week takes a big bite out of summer with the ultimate shark movies, programs and TV shows. Originally, Shark Week started on the Discovery Channel featuring facts and information about sharks, but other channels have jumped on the Shark Week Bandwagon, airing their own notorious Shark Movies. Scifi often jumps on board with some of the craziest shark movies to ever hit TV. I am sure We have all heard of Sharknado, probably one of the most epic Shark B-movies with Sharknado 3 airing July 22, 2015.

Personally, I can’t wait for Shark Week. I even like to throw a Shark Week Party and watch some of my favorite Shark Movies…Yes, that includes all the Jaws movies. Is it lame to call it a Jaws-athon? Even if it is, I think that is going on my invitations this year…”Come to the JAWS-ATHON for the most Wonderful week of the year, SHARK WEEK!”



During my Shark Week event, I serve up Shark related treats including the Delicious Jawsome Shark Fin Cupcakes you can find on my blog. I also decorate my house in the best Shark Fashion I can find or create! However, this year, I discovered something totally jawsome (ok I will stop with the Jaws puns…maybe). Did you know that a paper plate can be transformed to look like the Jaws of a Shark? Yeah, me neither. Turns out by simply folding a plate in half, cutting out some teeth and shaping the outer edge, a shark jaw magically appears. I call it, “The ultimate Paper Craft Paper Plate Shark Jaws!” Long name but it totally works.

The get the free instructions on how to create such a cool decoration, click the image below
Paper Plate Shark Jaws

duh duh…duh duh… duh duh.. duh duh.. duh duh duh duh duh duh…SHARK WEEK!