Star Trek Teddy Bear Cubeecraft of Spock

The Teddy Bear Cubeecraft Magic Continues with the release of Spock Teddy. It is an illogical combination but so funny and cute.

His pointy ears and black hair only help to distinguish this lovable character.

Spock Teddy completes the collection of the original Star Trek series. You can get Scotty, Bones (Dr. McCoy) and Kirk by clicking the images at the end of this post.

To download Spock Teddy (even though this is highly illogical) click the image below. Remember that cubeecrafts are made out of paper, hugging it will destroy your creation. 😀

teddy ST Spock by SKGaleana 3d small

As always, this cubeecraft printable is free to download and create. It requires no tape or glue. Once you get the shapes cut out, cut a slice in the tabs and slide the corresponding tabs through to lock them in place.

Please enjoy and post pics here or on my facebook page

In the words of Spock, “Live Long and Prosper”

The rest of the collection

teddy ST Kirk 3by SKGaleana 3d small teddy ST Bones by SKGaleana 3d small teddy ST Scotty by SKGaleana 3d small

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