Take a Magical Ride With Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy

There is trouble in Enchancia! When Amber learns of the magical powers the amulet possesses, she is determined to have her own turn and call upon her favorite princess. Sofia refuses her request and tries to explain that she can’t take off the Amulet. Desperate to have her turn, Amber stages a sleep over and steals the Amulet while Sofia is asleep. But in so doing, she is cursed by the Amulet and brings forth the evil Princess Ivy. With the kingdom threatened by this evil princess, Amber must find a way to risk it all and save her family.

Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy takes viewers on a magical ride with talking dragons, colorless butterflies, and…there was something else…oh yes, Dragonflies that make you forget! Featuring all your favorite characters including Sofia, Amber, Clover and more. We are also introduced to new characters such as the singing dragon combustible choir: Smoke Wings and Fire, and Everburn the Elder Dragon.

Smoke wings and fire

A common theme throughout this entire adventure is that jealousy and selfishness can cause negative lasting effects to your friends and especially your family. With selfish intentions of having the power, Amber steals the Amulet. Once Sofia discovers the treachery, she is upset and looks as if she may never forgive Amber. When all seems lost and Sofia and Amber are trapped in a crevasse, Amber swallows her pride and apologizes for deceiving Sofia and for stealing the Amulet. While Sofia forgives Amber, we viewers learn that one good deed doesn’t fix a major problem caused by a selfish action. With the curse still upon Amber, she must find a way fix the situation as she faces the consequences of her actions.

Rapunzel pops in just when Sofia and Amber need help acting as their guide. She explains that since Amber caused Ivy’s release she must be willing to risk it all to save the kingdom and her family and break the curse. Much like real life, those who do the selfish deed are the only ones who can fix it. But even knowing what needs to be done, how to do it still evades Amber. That is, until her love for her sister saves the day as she risks everything to keep her safe.

Rapunzel with Amber

This resounding theme is integrated into Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy with pure entertainment and music. Princess Ivy, The dragon combustible choir, and Rapunzel all have special Songs to help guide the story, explain the reasoning and draw the viewers into the story line. I was really impressed when I realized that Rapunzel was actually voiced by Mandy Moore! I found this movie to be a great vessel to teach a moral lesson that even some of the youngest watchers can learn. Selfishness and jealousy can only lead to negative consequence that must be fixed by the original transgressor.


Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy will be on DVD Feb 24,2015 and feature 3 additional episodes:
~The Amulet of Avalor
~Princess Butterfly
~The Emerald Key

Also included in the DVD package is a beautiful Black and White Butterfly Necklace that looks like the butterflies featured in the film. But this necklace has special powers. When touched by sunlight it transforms in color from black and white to purple!

Sofia the First Color Changing Necklace

Dare to share the Adventure and learn how love, trust and unselfishly putting others’ needs first can truly work magic!

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