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Where do Princess Palace Pets go to relax and recuperate after a hard day of work and play? Take a peek into the world of Whisker Have for a few minutes and catch the palace pets in their new adventures. Whisker Haven is a safe place for the palace pets to relax and meet other palace pets. Here they are able to talk to each other, celebrate big events and make new friends!

Ms. Featherbon is the magical gatekeeper of Whisker Haven and guide to all the Palace Pets. Treasure, Petite, Sultan, Pumpkin, Dreamy, Berry, Lily, Bibbidy, and Sweetie are just a few that appear in the new animated series produced by Disney Junior. I hope the show will start to include some of the more unique palace pet characters such as Blossom, Gleam, or Taj.



Each episode is around three minutes long, making them just long enough for the little ones (or adults) who may have short attention spans. There are 10 episodes as I write this. There could be more episodes later depending on the popularity of these shorts.


    1. Welcome to Whisker Haven: When Pumpkin floods the ballroom, it’s up to Treasure and her friends to save her.
    2. The Whisker Haven Night Knight Guard: Sultan and Treasure try to prove who is the bravest knight in Whisker Haven. After a series of tests, the Palace Pets ask Pumpkin to judge who should be named to the Whisker Haven Knight Night Guard.
    3. Throwing a Ball: Pumpkin is throwing the most grand ball that Whisker Haven has ever seen, and the Palace Pets are here to help! But can she get the palace ready in time for the celebration?
    4. Cake-tillion: The annual Cake-tillion celebration is about to begin in Whisker Haven! But where is Lily with all of the whisker cakes? The Palace Pets must find her in the woods before the sweetest day of the year!
    5. Hat’s a Wrap!: It’s the Whisker Haven Derby, and one of the Palace Pets is chosen as the Royal Derby Starter. Pumpkin creates a hat perfect for the occasion which she gives Treasure, but Treasure is not so sure about Pumpkin’s derby day gift.
    6. A Dreamy Birthday: Berry, Pumpkin and Treasure are preparing a birthday party surprise for Dreamy! Can they successfully plan the perfect birthday party without Dreamy finding out?
    7. The Cookie Boogie!: When Ms. Featherbon’s magic dust turns Berry’s cat-shaped cookies into real cats, it’s up to Treasure and Berry to stop the cookies from ruining Pumpkin’s Dance Recital.
    8. TuTu Terrific: The Pets visit the Tutu Flower Fields to make their own tutus for the Tutu Terrific Parade. Petite may not know what makes her terrific, but her best friends sure do!
    9. Harvest Haven: It’s time for the Annual Harvest in Whisker Haven. As the pets try to find enough biscuits for the Critterzens, Treasure and Sultan compete to find the most biscuits while Petite searches with a plan of her own…
    10. Flying High Tea: Sultan’s eager to try Berry’s biscuits, but her prizes treats are only available for the Pets’ tea party. The rambunctious tiger joins the event, but unfortunately, the tea party attendance comes with strict rules.

With such wonderful episodes, I thought it would be fun to include some printable activities featuring the characters of Whisker Haven Tales. The kids will love searching for Berry, matching the shadows, coloring their favorite Palace Pet, playing the Whisker Haven Memory Game or printing the stickers for art projects, books or crafts. Let’s be honest, we adults even get a kick out of these fun printables. The Word Search may be to advanced for some kids but I know some adults who may just spend five minutes to complete the puzzle to help clear the head after a long day.

All the printables below are free to download, simply click the images and save the PDF to your computer. If you download any of the printables, I do request you donate to SKGaleana. The printables do take time and effort to complete and any amount you can give will help support this blog and keep the printables coming. Thank you in advance!

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Whisker Haven Tales Activities

Whisker Haven Word Search
Whisker Haven Stickers
Whisker Haven printable Memory Game
Whisker Haven Matching Activity
Whisker Haven Find 11 Berry Bunnies
Ms. Featherbon coloring page

There are more activities and coloring pages featured on the Palace Pets Tab. Click the image below to see all of them!
Princess Palace Pets Coloring Pages skgaleana

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