Wish Dragon Printable Party Kit and Fun Activities

Here is a question we all have thought about growing up. If we had three wishes, what would we wish for? Would it be a big pile of money? Fame? Power? For Din, in Netflix’s new movie Wish Dragon, this question became a reality when he is given a magical teapot, which contains a Wish Dragon named Long. All of a sudden, he could have whatever he wanted.

Warning: There will be spoilers below

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To Long’s surprise, Din didn’t want money, fame, or power. All Din wanted was to reconnect with a girl named Li Na, whom he knew from his childhood. Granted, his path to seeing Li Na was anything but easy. There were kung fu master bad guys, a father who was trying to save his business and lifestyle, a mother who wanted Din to get his head out of the clouds and be realistic, and a Dragon who thought people only wanted gold..

These complications led to several hilarious events that made me laugh uncontrollably. For example, when Long turns into a dragon costume to hide Din and Li Na from the bad guys , I thought, ok that’s funny. But then, when Long and Din start fighting the bad guys who are also in a dragon costume, I lost it. The tears from laughing were making it hard to see every hilarious moment in this scene. And the audience’s reaction as they were watching the fight was priceless! I watched it several times just to see everything.

There are a lot of laughter moments throughout this film as the main protagonist, the Wish Dragon, Long, learns and grows. Along his path, Long learns about interesting new technology and snacks the world has invented while he was locked away for 1000 years. One of my favorite scenes is the Shrimp Chips. Must be peasant food…or delectable deliciousness.

Long also learns an even larger lesson, more important than all the Shrimp Chip in the world. He learns the meaning of life, how family, friends, and helping others is far more important than a pile of riches. In fact ,Long sacrifices himself to help Din achieve his ultimate goal of reconnecting with Li Na. Long’s growth, I think, is the ultimate journey in Wish Dragon and it’s a wonderful story.

Along with this amazing story line, Wish Dragon is also really well made. Directed by Chris Appelhans and produced by Aron Warner, Chris Bremble, and Jackie Chan (yes, the one and the same); this team created an outstanding visionary masterpiece. The colors, the scenes, and even the background images engage, amaze and capture the eye of all it’s viewers. I believe Base Animation studio succeeded in their goal of making a “world class animation in China for China… and the world”.

Because I love Wish Dragon so much and knowing that there are going to be other fans out there, I decided it needed a party kit. Whether it’s to celebrate a movie night, or a birthday party, I wanted this Party Kit to be fun, colorful, and useful. With 15 printable items, I hope this kit will be enjoyed by all. It contains:

  1. Cupcake toppers
  2. Cupcake Wrappers
  3. Coloring page of Long
  4. Maze Activity
  5. Place Cards
  6. Shrimp Chips Goodie Bag Topper
  7. Invitations
  8. Notebook
  9. Toothpick Flags
  10. Banner/Bunting
  11. Happy Birthday Banner
  12. Candy/Treat Box
  13. Treat Bag
  14. Printable Memory Game
  15. Dumpling Soup Recipe from Food Network

To get these amazing printables, click the images below and download the PDFs to your computer. Then print and create to make the best party ever. If you do use them, I hope you will consider donating. It takes a lot of time and effort to make these printables and any amount will help keep this blog alive. Thank you in advance.

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Wish Dragon Printable Party Kit
Candy Box
Dumpling Soup Recipe from Food Network
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Cupcake Toppers
Cupcake Wrapper
Happy Birthday Banner
Coloring Page
Goodie Bag Toppers
Maze Activity
Place Cards
Treat Bag
Toothpick Flags
Memory Game

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