A Halloween Party Featuring Your Favorite Disney Villains!

disney villains party

This Halloween celebrate your Favorite Disney Villains with this Disney Villains Halloween Collection. Decoration, Treats, and crafts all collide to make your party Sinfully Evil. Invite your guests to take a bite into the Evil Queen’s villainous apples. Encourage them to capture poor unfortunate souls like the sea witch herself, Ursula. And entice them to crown themselves like regally mischievous villains a la Queen of Hearts.

Here are some Wonderfully delightfully Evil Crafts, Recipes and Printables that are all free to download. Print and create. Get the kids involved to make this Halloween Memorable and extra Special with a taste of evil villainy.

The cubeecrafts below are part of my 2014 Halloween Collection featuring Disney Villains. Below the cubeecrafts are recipes, crafts and printables that were all found on the Spoonful site (click the image above to see their post).

Cruella De Vil
Evil Queen
Halloween Banner
Maleficent Horns
Evil Queen Papercraft
Halloween Pumpkin Template
Wall Hanger (Evil Queen, Ursula, Queen of Hearts)
Baddie Baggies
Disney Villains Cupcake Toppers
Disney Villains Centerpieces
Evil Queen’s Villainous Apples
An apple a day proverbially keeps the doctor away, but Snow White might have a few words to say about that. This lighthearted take on the classic movie’s poison apple is an easy and fun option for your next Halloween bash.

Add a whimsical touch to the affair by transforming ordinary marshmallows into colorful poison-apple marshmallow pops.

Little Yummy Jar of Souls
Poor unfortunate souls have no chance against Ursula, the spell casting, soul gathering sea witch. You and your Halloween party guests don’t need to take your chances in order to create your own (sweet) field of souls.

Delight your guests with a personal jar filled with poor unfortunate gummy souls in seawater (colored gelatin). No spell casting required!

I hope you have a wonderful Villainy filled Halloween!!!