A Printable Coloring Page of the Pony Brook from The Princess Palace Pets

Pocahontas is a Disney Princess with the fewest palace pets. Unlike Cinderella or Bell who have upwards of six to seven pets, Pocahontas has three. Of course with the addition of this adorable pony named Brook, Pocahontas now has four Palace Pets.



Brook is a light blue pony with a dark teal mane and tail styled to represent Pocahontas’ hair. She wear gold and teal jewelry with accessories with made of feathers.

Story written by Marissa Grubbs (Thank you Marissa Grubbs):
Brook the Pony – She was a gift from her friend, Nakoma. Her adventurous spirit reminds her of her best friend, Pocahontas.

The coloring page features Brook with her necklace, crown, and tail feathers. To download the Brook Coloring Page simply click the link below the image and save the PDF to your computer. Then print, color, and display. If you want Brook to become a puppet:

  1. print the coloring page on thick cardstock
  2. Color the pony to your liking
  3. Cutout the pony along the outer solid black line
  4. make a kickstand out of cardboard.
  5. Glue the kickstand to the back of the pony (or glue Brook to a popsicle stick)
  6. Let dry
  7. Display

Brook Princess Palace Pet Coloring Page