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One of the most lighthearted days of the year, and possibly the scariest, is April Fools Day. It is either welcomed with an air of mischief or dreaded. I know that my mom used to watch her back all day waiting for one of her kids to strike. However, with my family, if we participated in a prank, gag, or joke, we knew it was coming back 10 times worse. My mom made sure to let us know, if we were to concoct some evil genius plan or succeed in pulling off a daring prank, that she would not stop until her wrath fell down upon us like the fury of a wildfire. All in good sport of course. πŸ˜€

Some of the pranks that we played were a little evil. There have been, in my mischievous past, a few Saran wrapped toilets, shocking pens, Fake lotto tickets, stink bombs, Whistle in a tail pipe, Permanent marker art, Car safe White markers, fake poop, Fake spiders, Rooms filled with balloons, Blue screen of death (I found a snap shot and placed the image on my mom’s computer and made it a full screen), an annoying sound that no one can find, and so much more. I probably should limit the list as I don’t need to give anyone any crazy ideas…or do I?

I need point out that safety is key on this day. Don’t do anything that could damage a person, animals, property, etc. This day is meant to be fun not dangerous.

The following Pranks, Jokes and gags below are some of the fun ones that I found that are easy to create and set. Many of them are great to put into lunchboxes for the kids to find. The crazy lunch stickers are a must to label the lunch food.

Some of them require more time. The Kitty Litter Cake will take a while to complete, but so worth it. The faces on my parents were priceless as I picked up the scooper and took a bite of the litter. I thought my mom’s head was about to hit the floor as I savored the bite. Eventually, I talked her into a taste, we now serve Kitty Litter Cake at all our April Fools parties. πŸ˜€

Below you will find
~Stinky Socks Award
~Alien Birth Certificate stating the earthling was actually born on another planet
~Matching Game that has no matches
~Disguise Kit
~Doughnut Seeds
~Chore Camp Brochure
~Fake Candy Wrapper
and more!

Kitty Litter Cake
Sneaky Food
Printable April Fools Pranks
Disguise Kit found at theprojectgirl
Spot the difference
Donald Duck Maze
Word scramble
Prank Cards
Lunch Labels
Trick Card
License to Goof
Goofy Back Tags
Fake Candy wrapper
Doughnut Seeds
Chore Camp
Birth certificate
Stinky Socks Award
Goofy Word search

In the comments below share some of your favorite pranks, but keep it clean πŸ˜€

Be safe out there and enjoy April Fools Day
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