Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ghost Island Is Food for our Nightmares

Here it comes, a new installment from the Midnight Society, in Are You Afraid of The Dark? Ghost Island! This time our members decide to hold off on the scary stories and go to an island resort to clear their heads. Only, this destination may not be all they hoped for. Obviously, we know by the tile, that the supernatural will be heavily involved, providing our imaginations with more fodder to produce freaky nightmares.

To start the scary and infamous view of Ghost Island, we watch as a mom and her kids fall victim to the supernatural world. It becomes the premise for the entire story, making the series a little dark and suspenseful. Let’s face it, when victims roam the halls as ghostly apparitions, It is a pretty dark story. Throw in room 13 and a creepy mirror, and this story feeds our nightmares. I mean, mirrors already freak me out and now they are creepifying them even more.

I will say this, I found this season to be far more scary than the previous seasons of the remake. It had all the hallmarks of a Steven King nightmare complete with bleeding walls, beyond scary ghosts, and the fear of confinement. I closed my eyes several times and sat on the edge of my seat as the show attempted and succeeded in scaring me. Then again, I am a baby when it comes to ghost stories. I could just be sensitive to this installment, but either way, my nightmares were a plenty after watching Ghost Island.

While the suspense, disturbing mirror, and fear tactics are crazy throughout the series, the kids provide a nice comedy relief, here and there, as they go into situations over confident and ready for the adventure. To be honest, their adventure brought up some nostalgic moments leading me back to my days when I used to watch the original Are You Afraid of the Dark?.. There are even a few Easter Eggs for us original watchers as well, if we can open our eyes long enough to see them..

With so much epic scary scenes, a nod tp the past, and a great story, I will give the Ghost Island season 5 stars. Great Job Nickelodeon! The DVD you sent for me to review has created many of sleepless nights, and I couldn’t be happier.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ghost Island Info

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ghost Island DVD has four epic episodes that all take place on Ghost Island. The episodes are:

  • The Tale of Room 13
  • The Tale of the Teen Spirit
  • The Tale of the Looking Glass
  • The Tale of the Other Side

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ghost Island synopsis:
Four best friends and members of a Midnight Society get more than they bargained for when what they think is a fun summer vacation on a resort island turns into something sinister. They encounter genuine terror locked away in one of the rooms after checking into their hotel, and as the kids try to enjoy their vacation, they are pulled back into the mystery of the island’s ghosts, ultimately leading them to a terrifying and shocking revelation: many guests check in to room 13, but they never check out.

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