Barbie Fashionista Free Printable Coloring Pages and Activities

Free Barbie Fashionista Printables
Barbie and her friends are best known for their up-to-date fashion style. If the style is ‘in’, they are wearing it. Whether it is fashioning comfort, business, or design wear, all their favorites are made couture. Just like real girls, Barbie and her friends each have a different look, personality and sense of style. The Fashionista brand is all about looking fabulous in a fashion trend that fit’s each personality. From the amazing shoes to the glam accessories, each style is a sensational celebration of trends, personality and glamour.

Now Barbie fans can let out their fashion sense and join Barbie in becoming a Fashionista with these awesome Barbie Fashionista printables from! Design a new line of chic colorful clothing for Barbie to wear with the printable Paper Doll coloring page. Create a colorful clothing line with Barbie and her friends with several fun coloring pages. There is also a DIY Portfolio to create some of the most desired fashions!

All the printables are free to download. Simply click the image and save the PDF. Then it is as easy as Print and Create for hours of fashion fun! There are also so many more printables at! Visit their site and see all of the free printable activities, printables and party supplies. And don’t forget to check out the fashion games to help Barbie dress super!

Barbie Fashionista Printables
Barbie Fashionista School Coloring Page
Barbie Fashionista Paper Doll
Let’s be an artist color and draw
Fashion portfolio
Fabulous Fairy Coloring Pages
Barbie Fashionista Dream House
Barbie Fashionista Cupcake recipe
Barbie Fashionista Comic Coloring Page
Barbie Fashionista Coloring Page 1
Barbie Fashionista Coloring Page 2
Barbie Fashionista Coloring Page 3
Barbie Fashionista Coloring Page 4
Barbie Fashionista Coloring Page 5
Barbie Fashionista Coloring Page 6
Barbie Fashionista Coloring Page 7

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