Behind the Scenes and Around the World with BB-8

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Want a little more BB-8 in your life? Who doesn’t! BB-8 has taken the world by storm as one of the cutest droids out there, second only to R2-D2 in my opinion. His round little body rolling along makes many fans smile. How many of you have sang, “They see me rolling, they hatin'”? I know I have.



Today, in honor of BB-8’s fame, We’ve got a special bonus clip and concept art showing the design process behind creating the world’s new favorite droid! There are also a few pictures of BB-8 and his travels. This little celebrity has been very busy on screen as well as off! Take a look at a special visit he made to NASA’s JPL laboratories where he interacted with the best and brightest droids from this galaxy as well as celebrating the inaugural international flight of Japan’s ANA BB-8 Jet!

BB-8 at NASA’s JPL

Secrets of The Force Awakens – Building BB-8 Bonus Clip

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