Blue’s Clues and You! Story Time with Blue Brings on Nostalgia

Get ready for a trip down nostalgic lane as parents and kids watch the newest Blue’s Clues and You! DVD. Blue’s Clues and You! Story Time with Blue is one of the most soul lifting, tear jerking, memory creating DVDs I have seen released in a long time. It certainly took me back to my childhood. Blue’s Clues and You! Story Time with Blue is available on DVD and celebrates 25 years of Blue’s Clues.

When my review copy arrived in the mail, I tore open the package and placed the disc in my DVD player. I still remember my first clue and couldn’t wait to see Steve, Blue, and all their friends…my friends….return to the screen. Yes! this 2-disc DVD set contains eight episodes of the original Blue’s Clues! I know I am not the only one to feel this excitement and nostalgia. Recently, Steve released a video talking to all us fans, and it broke the internet.

Blue’s Clues and You! Story Time with Blue also contains 6 episodes from Blue’s Clues and You! featuring Josh and Blue! Each episode it about telling stories and the adventures in finding clues. This 2-disc 25th anniversary celebration has something for every generation of fans. The episodes included are:

  • Disc One – Blue’s Clues & You! Story Time with Blue:
    • Episodes:
      1. Story Time with Blue
      2. Blue’s Big Imagination
      3. Pajama Party with Blue
      4. Sleepy Singalong with Blue
      5. Special Features:
      6. Freeze Dance!
  • Disc Two – Blue’s Clues: Blue’s Biggest Stories:
    • Episodes:
      1. Blue’s Big Birthday
      2. Treasure Hunt
      3. Blue’s Pajama Party
      4. Magenta Gets Glasses
      5. Steve Goes to College
      6. Blue Takes You to School
      7. The Legend of the Blue Puppy
      8. Blue’s Room Snacktime Play Date
    • Special Features:
      • Blue’s Memory Photos
      • Blue’s Room Shorts

With the 2-disc set, we also receive flash cards on how to sign 4 words related to story time: Read, Book, Bed, and Sleep.

This collection is fun for fans of all ages and brings the feels for all us fans who were there from the beginning. When i watch the original episodes, I am taken back in time when I was searching for clues and screaming at the tv when I found one. I can’t help but give this collection 5 stars.

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