Bugsy, The Hoverbug from SlugTerra, Coloring Page

Welcome Bugsy, a hoverbug who belongs to Eli Shane, to the coloring page family!

    Hoverbug it’s the speedy Slug from Mecha Mutiny. In protoform it is very fast while leaving a streak of blue light behind it. It has blue skin with wings that are purple with turquoise spots. When transfromed, it looks like a pteranodon with no legs and a beak. It has the ability to fly really fast, has a screech power and can fly in most winds. Its element is wind. It lives in Deadrop Cavern. It is the only Slug that can fly in protoform. (Slugterra Wiki)



HoverBug specs from slugterra.com
Hoverbug: Species #025
A Famous Slug of this species: Bugsy and Flutter
Preferred Habitat: High up in jungle or forest caverns
Power Type: Flight
Element: Air
Rarity: Uncommon
Protoform Abilities: Extremely fast flyer, can carry messages
Attacks: 4

    Screwball: Grabs an opponent and carries them off in a dizzying corkscrew flight path
    Heatstreaker: Visual targeting and heat sensing, can find any opponent or his slug over long distances
    Speedling: Flies in fast, dizzying circles around an opponent, slashing at them with its wings
    Outtathere: Picks up a sluglsinger and whisks them out of danger

Hoverbug transformation:

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