Create The Perfect Shark Week 2021 Party with these Fun Printables!

Shark Week starts July 11, 2021! That means it’s time to get ready for a blockbuster summer with new jaw dropping shows on Discovery and Discovery+. This year the shark programming will feature celebrities including, Robert Irwin, William Shatner, and many others who will be diving into the water for extraordinary shark adventures.

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Shark Week has shared the lineup of episodes for Shark Week featuring their all new shows. Some of the episodes sound amazing and I can’t wait to watch them. For example:

  • CRIKEY! IT’S SHARK WEEK will start Shark Week off with a bang as Robert Irwin dives with his first ever Great White Shark, This sounds like it could be amazing and informative since the Irwin’s tend to be more informative while also being entertaining.
  • MECHASHARK is about building a metal shark to see if scientists have indeed found the mating region of the Great White..
  • Since I am a crazy fan of all of the Sharknado movies, THE REAL SHARKNADO (wt) is also on my list to watch. The actors come back and talk about the fiction and realistic possibilities of Sharknados.
  • RETURN TO THE LAIR OF THE GREAT WHITE promises to be very informative since everything we know about the Great White Sharks could be changing.
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Looking at the calendar, there are also a few I more than likely won’t be watching since I am not a fan of the celebrities featured in those episodes. Thankfully, Shark Week has a variety of episodes that cater to many different Shark Week fans. Use the Calendar below to find which episodes you will be watching.

To celebrate Shark Week 2021, I have created a couple of party printables fans will need to create the perfect Shark Week Party. The printables include, cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers, Shark Week coloring pages, and a printable treat box. Simply click the image below and save the PDF to your computer. After the file has been saved, print the cupcake toppers, and treat bag on cardstock, print the coloring page and cupcake wrappers on regular paper., cutout the items, and create by following the instructions.