Cubeecraft of Rothbart from The Swan Princess

And now…Presenting..The Swan Princess Villain…ROTHBART!
Actually the character may not deserve that sort of entrance. However, my cubeecraft turned out spectacular. Although I must admit, his facial expressions makes him seem like he had just seen a gigantic spider. I know my face would be in anger and terror if I came upon a rather large eight legged monstrosity.



About the cubee
This cubeecraft is a little more difficult than your average cubee.

  1. The hair around the face must be cut out with a xacto knife. But be careful, Do not cut farther than the white line. Doing so could separate the side of the cubee making the head hard to form.
  2. The chin and lower parts of the mustache must also be cut along with the top part of the eyebrows.
  3. This character introduces a new accessory to the cubeecraft world. His cape. This must be cut along the outer black line. The fold in half along the solid horizontal line. Fold the two side in toward the red side. Fold the top down toward the red side and connect the tabs. This cape then slides over the top of the body before you put the head on.

To Build the Cubeecraft:
Materials needed:
Card stock
x-acto knife

To make:

  1. Cut out each item along the outer black lines.
  2. Cut along the white on each tab using the x-acto knife
  3. Cut along each red line using the x-acto knife
  4. Fold along each inner solid black line and slide each tab into the slots you created with an x-acto knife to form a cube of the head, body, arms, and feet
  5. Slide the arms through the red slots on either side of the body.
  6. Slide the feet through the red slots at the base of the body.
  7. Slide the now completed body through the red lots of the head.