Disney Tangled Free Printables, Downloads and Activities

Locked in a tower for 18 years because she had magic hair, Rapunzel desired to see the strange lights in the sky. When fate sends a thief to her window, she creates a plan for him to be her guide so that she can finally fulfill her dream. Flynn Ryder (Eugene) at first was way against it and attempting in every way he could to make Rapunzel change her mind. He even brought her to the Snuggly Duckling, hoping that the ruffians and thieves would deter her from her dream and give him back the recently stolen crown.



It turns out a dream is a hard thing to crush, as the thieves in the Snuggly Duckling so eloquently sing. Tangled follows Rapunzel and Eugene as they both learn that they each have a new dream and we as viewers can watch as others get the chance to fulfill their dreams.

The following printables are inspired by the Disney Movie Tangled. Feel free to download them and print them, Kids will love the activities and several of these will help make a great Birthday Party or sleep over. There are two activity packs to download, print, and create as well. I have listed what they include.

The Activity Kit includes:

  • Maze
  • spot the difference
  • Flynn coloring page
  • pascal coloring page
  • Rapunzel coloring page
  • Mazimus coloring page
  • Playset

The Activity Pack includes:

  • Draw Flynn’s Nose
  • Draw Rapunzel’s hair
  • Color Rapunzel
  • Write a dream journal
3D Pascal
3D Rapunzel
Activity Kit
Activity Pack
Coloring Pages
Eugene Cubeecraft
Rapunzel Cubeecraft
Door Hangers
Rapunzel Story Book
Paper Dolls by Cory
Paper Doll