DIY Pipe Cleaner Flowers Craft for Mothers Day

There are a lot of Mother’s Day gifts out there that mothers will enjoy. Options include gift cards to their favorite stores, chocolates, their favorite food, something so they can be pampered, a trip to a spa, or even a day without chores or task. Flowers are often accompanied with many of these spectacular choices, and this is where the family comes in.

Sure, you can purchase some fantastic smelling arrangements from a flower shop. These are beautiful and will really make each mom feel special. However, for those looking to do something crafty with a little DIY, everyone in the family can make mom a flower! Using the instructions below, each child…and adult.. can create their own pipe cleaner flower masterpiece with just a few simple items.

What is a pipe cleaner? My family calls them fuzzy wires. A pipe cleaner used to be (and probably still is) used to clean a pipe. However, I I think it is now more common to see them used for crafts. They often come in all colors of the rainbow. Basically, it is a piece of wire covered in soft fluff, usually about 11-12 inches long. They bend to form different shapes making them a fun craft object.

For this DIY flower project, every person in the family, who is wanting to make a flower, will need 4 pipe cleaners: 3 of one color and one in green. This color choice is not a rule of law. The petals can be in multiple colors if so desired, and the stem doesn’t have to be green. This is all about having fun and creating something unique. Craft steps are always a suggestion and can certainly be channeled into something amazingly different. However, for the ease of this craft, the instructions will be listing basic colors

Items needed to make pipe cleaner flowers:

  • 3 Pink Pipe Cleaners for the petals, (you can choose any color to make your flower petals)
  • 1 Green Pipe Cleaner for the stem
  • 1 resin ladybug (optional)
  • Glue Gun (optional, only if you wish to attach the ladybug)


Please note: all glue gun and cutting should be done by an adult.

1. Take all 4 pipe cleaners and fold them in half. Pinch the ends to add the crease. They will look like a “V”

2. Take one end of the green stem and slide with through the “V” of the pink pipe cleaners. Twist the green pipe cleaner twice to lock the 3 pink pipe cleaners in place. You should now have 6 pink pipe cleaner arms pointing up and two green arms pointing down

3. Roll each of the 6 pink arms into a spiral to form petals. Start at the tip and continue to roll to the end by the green twist.

4. Take the spiral petals and shape the flower by creating a ladder effect with the petals, each layered on top of each other

5. Take one arm of the green pipe cleaner and wrap it around the base of the flower, starting wide and spiraling it down to the stem to form a cone.

6. Take a resin ladybug and glue it to one of the petals using a hot glue gun (NOTE: this should be done by adults)

Your Pipe Cleaner flower is now done!

Make as many as you need to form a bouquet to give to mom for Mother’s Day!