DreamWorks Delivers a Fantastic Horror with Fright Krewe! – Review

The power of fire, invisibility, and strength are just a few powers our super human crew will use in the all new animated series, Fright Krewe, coming to Hulu and Peacock October 2, 2023, by DreamWorks Animation. This will be DreamWorks Animation first animated horror series. Made for a much older audience, this gateway horror brings on a spine chilling thriller that is meant to be a little creepy for the audience. Taking place in New Orleans, Fright Krewe takes our imaginations on a wild and spooky ride. The episodes include:

  • Episode 1 – “The Blood Awakening Part 1”
  • Episode 2 – “The Blood Awakening Part 2”
  • Episode 3 – “The Awakening”
  • Episode 4 – “The Haunting”
  •  Episode 5 – “The Feast”
  •  Episode 6 – “The Swamp”
  •  Episode 7 “The Light”
  •  Episode 8 “The Bait”
  • Episode 9 -“The Trap”
  • Episode 10 -“The War”

I received the chance to review Fright Krewe, and here is what I thought. SPOILER BELOW!

Bringing about the classic high school fighting team, five unlikely friends team up to become the cliché’ ragtag team of evil fighting heroes. We have seen these teams before such as Scooby-Doo, Captain Planet, Goonies, Stranger Things, Voltron, and more. The members consist of the plucky comic relief, the smart one, the athletic one, the leader, and the scaredy-cat. Although less defined in these characters than the 1980’s tropes, they are still a part of the Krewe party.

Personally I love the classic trope and have always enjoyed watching these types of movies/shows. While everything may be turning into a hell-scape around the team, they always seem to relay on friendship and win the day.

In Fright Krewe, our unlikely heroes are Soleil, Maybe, Missy, Stanley, and Pat. These members crash together when a scare goes wrong and blood is accidently given to the spirits in the trees, awakening the demons of the night. To save New Orleans, and possibly the world, five ghosts arise to, once again, fight the coming evil. However, their fight has long since ended, and it is up to the kids to become the fighting force. Thus, each ghosts possesses a child and imbues them with a specific power.

Now with power, the Fright Krewe quickly learns that all is not as it seems. Suddenly, the world of the supernatural is opened up and vampires, ghosts, and demons roam the streets of New Orleans, which is fitting since New Orleans is often a hot spot for the ghouls and the spooks. However, even with superhuman abilities, the crew of five quickly learns that defending their city from evil will be much harder than they thought. For example, Missy quickly falls victim to the evil and they must team up to help her.

The Fright Krewe also learns that there is more to saving the city than just defeating evil, they have to save those who were condemned by it as well. Seeking to right wrongs and fix what has been broken by solving clues, the Fright Krewe works to stop the menace and save their family and their friends and maybe a few spirits along the way.

The classic story of good vs evil is apparent and fantastic to watch while still getting the spooky vibe. And to keep the spooky going, the classic art lends a hand. reminiscent of the Scooby-Doo style, Fright Krewe takes a more classic direction with their art, and let me just say, I LOVE IT! The more digitized shows that DreamWorks produces are great, but I personally adore a more drawn classic look! Great choice by Eli Roth & James Frey, the creators and Executive Producers of Fright Krewe.

With great characters, great story, and great art, Fright Krewe has so many Pros going for it. However, I do have a con. The Con is more of a personal choice than anything related to the actual series, but I feel it is relevant to this review. Fright Krewe is heavy handed in the demonic. There are images of demons, demon characters, transformations, and much more. It may have a comedic dialog here and there, but the show has some very dark undertones. The art helps to pacify these freakish creatures, but they are present and, in my opinion, a bit much. I understand that it is horror that takes place in New Orleans where ghouls roam. I get that sacrifice and blood are a common occurrence with these storylines, but these types of stories are not the horror stories I usually gravitate to. That means, the cartoon did it’s job, and freaked me out a bit. HAHA

Fright Krewe will be available on Hulu and Peacock October 2, 2023. Get ready to spend the spooky season on the edge of our seat!