Fast and Easy Fantasy DIY Potion Bottle

Potions are commonly found in many fantasy video games, television shows, and epic movies. They provide healing, create dangerous effects, aid in teleportation, or even create longevity. Whatever the case, potions are a must have if you or the characters in your favorite fantasy story want to survive. Because of these common but awesomely placed potions, cosplayers and fans alike want to create awesome potion bottles to accent their costumes and/or decor. The problem is, these bottle can be hard to find unless you go to specialty shops…until now! Here is a DIY on how to make one yourself!

Step 1:
Buy the right bottle.
Go to Winco and head down their special Vinegar isle. When you find the Red wine vinegars you will see a bottle that screams “Potion bottle” From STAR Italian Kitchen. Buy it. I am told these bottles can also be found at Walmart.

Step 2:
Empty the bottle.
Pour the red wine vinegar into a glass jar to be used later in some delicious recipes. This frees up the bottle so we can make our potion bottles.
TIP: the plastic doohickey that helps make pouring the red wine vinegar less messy pops right out with very little effort. Take that off and pour away.



Step 3:
Clean the red wine vinegar bottle of all labels and goo.
Simply soak the bottle for 30 min in warm water. The labels should peel off easily after that. immediately, after removing the labels, conduct a quick scrub to remove all the goo. What you should have now is a clear potion-looking bottle with a black lid.

Step 4:
Come up with a cool band and charm.
I have a friend that does some awesome chainmail work. She happened to have a few purple rings on hand and made me a cool band to wrap around the neck of the potion bottle. Since I love dragons, I took 3 Scale Charms and layered them in a cool dragon-like pattern. You can pick whatever charm you want to complete your potion bottle that will best fit your decor or cosplay. You can get Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings from if you wish to make your own. Or you can purchase the chain and scales below.

At this point the bottle is done. It can now be filled with fun colorful water, or sparkly water to give it a cool shimmer effect. You can also add a cork to the top to give the potion bottle an added authentic effect. Let your imagination soar!

Once done, these potion bottle will complete any cosplay costume, it could be an awesome prop, paper weight or decor for the most epic game room. These also make pretty neat gifts! The neat thing is, these potion bottles can also be transformed into Potion bottle vases. Put white flowers in the colored water and watch as they “magically” change to the same color as the water. Gotta love Science.



I sell the bands that go around the neck of the potion bottles with the three scales. The chain is already sized for the specific bottle shown above and the scales come attached to the chain. All you have to do is drape it around the neck of the bottle. The chain is $12.00, which includes first class mail to anywhere in the USA.

Choice of Chainmail colors to choose from:
Violet (pictured)
Black Ice (grey)

Colors may differ from one computer monitor, printer, or brand to another. The color that you want may come darker or lighter depending on these variables.


Once payment through paypal is received, the product will ship out within 7 business days. Please be sure that your address is attached to the paypal receipt. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Because of the nature of these items, unless they arrive damaged or defective, I can’t accept returns.

Conditions of return:
Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.