Free Coloring Page featuring La Grande from Disney’s Princess Palace Pets

Thanks to an awesome fan, Marissa G., I found out that not all the Disney Palace Pets had been turned into epic coloring pages. Not only did she provide the information needed so that I can create the La Grande coloring page, she was also an awesome cheer squad. With the go team go mentality, I put the pedal to the metal and began making the coloring page of La Grande.



La Grande Story and details:

La Grande was a birthday present to Cinderella from the king (Prince Charming’s father). She is a buttercream corgi puppy with a lighter face and chest, and dark brown nose. It has pale pink cheeks and inner-ear to match its long tail. It wears a blue bow on its tail, a crown, and a blue collar to match its eyes. (

I took a few liberties in making this La Grande coloring page. The image was so small that the details of her jewels were hard to decipher. I hope I still did her justice.

To download The Berry Coloring Page:

  1. Click the image below
  2. Save the PDF to your computer
  3. Print, color and enjoy

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