Free Coloring Page Featuring The White Boon Doc from Slugterra

The White Boon Doc known as Ping, is a slug that belongs to Master Shanai the Unbeatable Master. Master Shanai uses a White Boon Doc and a Negashade to create the fusion move called “Shadowray,” which is a very powerful move with the combinations of light and dark.

The White Boon Doc is white in color with some tints of blue. Not too much is known about the White Boon Doc in the Slugterra fandom. There are a lot of theories but limited facts.

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Check out the specs below for more details on the White Boon Doc and it’s attacks. I am assuming the White Boon Doc has similar moves to Boon Doc.

White Boon Doc specs from
White Boon Doc: Species #003 if the White Boon Doc is the albino form of Boon Doc
A Famous Slug of this species: Ping
Preferred Habitat: Jungle caverns
Power Type: Healing
Element: Light
Rarity: Rare or Extremely rare. There is debate on this
Protoform Abilities: Minor healing powers, like a warm compress topical ointment or localized antidote
Attacks: 6 possible attacks

    Medray: Shoots a ray of light that can attack or heal the slug or person it is shot at.
    Healray: Emits a powerful light ray that can heal a ghouled Slug
    Skinsplint: Spins a protective cocoon of light around an injured or broken area to heal it
    Lightshield: Small sparks form a protective wall or bubble like a force field to protect against toxins
    Slugmage: Casts protective shell of light over a slinger’s slug arsenal to prevent ghouling
    Healadin: Swarm of sparks forms a suit of protective light armor. The slinger becomes impervious to ghouls

White Boon Doc transformation at 100 mph:
White boon doc transformation

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White Boon Doc coloring Page SKGaleana

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