Free Finding Nemo Shark Facts Sheet for Shark Week

Finding Nemo on Blu-ray

Fish are friends not food…or so Bruce, Chum and Anchor say while they are attempting to change the Shark image with the help of Marlin and Dory. Turns out they just want to be loved. However, one slight bump on the nose could change everything and lead a fish (or person) looking for an es-cap-e.

The 3 sharks featured in Finding Nemo are some very popular sharks.
Bruce is a Great White Shark. The Great White is also known for being the villain in the epic shark movie ‘Jaws’. It is probably one of the most well known sharks other than the hammerhead.
Chum is a Mako Shark or the Blue Pointer because of the pointy nose
Anchor is a Hammerhead Shark. Hammerheads have a very unique head that looks like a hammer.



These 3 popular sharks are featured in the Finding Nemo movie as friends attempting to change their ways. If you want to know more about their characters and maybe nab a few facts about their shark species, click the image below for a free Shark Week Finding Nemo Shark Fact Printable Sheet. Get to know Bruce, Chum and Anchor from the experts.

Finding Nemo shark Facts

Don’t forget to buy Finding Nemo on Blu-ray or DVD to watch your favorite sharks during the Discovery’s Shark Week event! Share who your favorite Shark is in the comments below.