Free Monster Truck Printable Papercrafts

I have posted a lot of Disney princess printables and I thought I should post a couple of toys more geared towards boys. Here are some fun Papercraft Monster Trucks to create and display or play with as a great paper toy.



To get these printable templates to make some awesome monster trucks simply click on the image and save the PDF. Then print and create! Be sure to grab a copy of the instructions and save those to your computer just in case you need them later.

Speed Demon
Swamp Fiend


    • r on 07/16/2021 at 15:23

    Thanks for the red monster truck! Your blue and green monster trucks do not appear to be linked to any files

    1. Yes, they were not of my creation and the company has since removed them from their site. I am going through TB of data to see if I can find them LOL If I do, I will post them

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