Free Princess Palace Pets Coloring Page of Ash

Ash Princess Palace Pet SKGaleana image copy1

Aurora has a new pet! Ironically it is a baby dragon. I guess Maleficent didn’t scar Aurora for life against dragons. At least Ash is adorable. Maleficent was more…evil looking.

Aurora Fournd ash while ahe walking in the woods. She came across an egg, abandoned in the forest and kept it. Once it hatched out popped Ash the baby dragon. It was love at first sight… Actually, it was more of imprinting at first sight, because now, Ash thinks that Aurora is her mother.

Ash is a cute pink and purple baby dragon. She wears a gold tiara with a pink gem, a gold necklace with a heart, and a beautiful gold bow on her tail. She is truly a spoiled little dragon, adorned with all the beautiful items Aurora can find.



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