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Brie is definitely a one-of-a-kind mouse: Not only is she a loyal friend, but she also knows everything about horses. Cinderella first met her in the Royal Stables, playing with her big friends. Brie has always lived there, and she loves taking care of the horses and keeping them company. The Princess thinks Brie is just amazing and is the reason the horses are so well and happy.

Looks: Caring
Loves: Horses, the royal stables and being helpful

How Cinderella found Brie:
It was a cold night, the stableman had just gone home, and Cinderella was worried about her horses, so she rushed to the Royal Stables to see if they were warm enough. When she reached them, she had a big surprise: A very tiny and gentle-looking mouse was already taking care of the horses!

The mouse had offered them some carrots and was adjusting their blankets like a perfect horsewoman. Cinderella helped her finish the job, and thanked her with a big piece of cheese. Now Cinderella knows that she can count on Brie, and they always enjoy playing with the horses or going for a ruse together.



Brie is a Pale Blue Mouse with pink hair and a white muzzle. She wears a silver tiara with blue gems and a yellow bow and pendant.

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