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Meet Nyle the monkey, one of the newest Princess Palace Pets. I have to admit, after watching Aladdin, I wondered when they would create a friend for Abu. A monkey had to be created, at least in my mind it was inevitable. Unlike Abu, Nyle is a little more unorthodox when it comes to color. Like most palace pets, Nyle sports colors that one may not find in natural settings. I am not sure where anyone can find a teal and greens monkey, but the colors add to the palace pet cuteness and they match Jasmine’s color scheme.

Learn more about Nyle below and discover how Jasmine found him. Also grab the free coloring page featuring Nyle the Monkey that I created. Kids and adults will love to color Nyle with their favorite colors and display their cute trouble making Monkey art.

Nyle Princess Palace Pet Coloring Page SKGaleana image

A naughty Monkey with a big heart: That’s Nyle, Jasmine’s favorite rascal. He loves pranks, but when he feels loved, he can become the most loyal of friends. His favorite pastimes are hanging by his tail from the trees and looking at the bright colors of the spices and the market – so much fun.

Looks: Dynamic
Loves: Spices, pranks and hanging from trees

How Jasmine found Nyle:
Jasmine was buying spices with Aladdin when a little blue monkey jumped out of a vase and started blowing raspberries at Abu. The two monkeys started chasing each other, but Abu got tired and perched on Aladdin’s shoulder.

Nyle tried unsuccessfully to call him back with more raspberries, then climbed up a tree, looking sad. Jasmine realized that he behaved so naughtily because he felt alone and was looking for a friend, so she took him to the Palace. Now Abu and Nyle are great friends! They love playing funny pranks on the Sultan and then running away – luckily he likes them a lot!



Nyle is a teal monkey with mint green tail, face, hands, feet and ears. He wears a gold tiara and necklace embellished with a beautiful jewel. He also wears a yellow bow.

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Nyle Princess Palace Pet Coloring Page by SKGaleana

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