Free Turbo FAST Activity Sheets!

On July 31st, Turbo and his crew take Turbotown by storm in the all-new season of DREAMWORKS TURBO FAST, premiering exclusively on Netflix! Join the world’s coolest snails as Whiplash, Turbo, Skidmark, White Shadow, Smoove Move, Burn and Chet take turns off the track and set off on wild rides filled with hilarious hijinks at every turn. You’ll laugh out loud when they launch into outer space, battle an apocalyptic robot, clash with a ninja stinkbug and escape a booby-trapped treasure hunt!


In anticipation of all the laughter and fun your family will have watching season 2 of Turbo FAST, we have a very special Printable Activity Pack featuring all of your favorite slugs! And when I say “very special” I mean it is contains 9 awesome activities on over 25 pages!
The Activity Pack includes

  • 4 Color by Number Pages
  • 8 Character Coloring Pages
  • 4 Connect the Dots Pages
  • 3 Maze Pages
  • Obstacle course activity
  • Origami Paper Toy crafts
  • Taco Recipe
  • Trading Cards
  • Word Search
  • Click the image below to automatically download these activities. They are free to download, then simply print and create for family fun while binge watching Turbo and the gang!

    Turbo Fast Free Activity Sheets SKGaleana

    Check out my review about Season 2 Turbo FAST on my blog here: Turbo FAST Season 2 Will be Arriving Soon!. Then be sure to check out Netflix July 31st and watch as Turbo and the gang speed through life to the crazy fullest! …Do you theink the Clamsquatch will make an appearance?