From Cradle to Stage: Rock Stars and Their Moms – Review

MTV Entertainment Group and Paramount+ have combined forces this Mother’s Day to bring forth Dave and Virginia Hanlon Grohl’s epic unscripted series From Cradle to Stage, which is streaming today, May 6th! This series focuses on specific rock stars and their relationship with their mothers. It also dives into the upbringing of each rock star and the journey their mother’s took as the rockers reached for the stars.

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In anticipation of From Cradle to Stage coming to Paramount+, I received the chance to watch and review the series, share my unique opinion, and open a fun mailer. I want to take this opportunity to thank MTV Entertainment Group and Paramount+ for sponsoring this post. I also want to reassure my readers that all of my opinions are 100% my own.

When I first heard about the series From Cradle to Stage, I honestly had no idea what to expect. Was this going to be another documentary about the life of a rock star? I have seen several shows featuring rock stars and I am usually unimpressed. But when I was offered the opportunity to watch a screener, I figured why not. Let’s see what From Cradle to Stage is all about.

The first episode of From Cradle to Stage features Dan Reynolds, the singer from Imagine Dragons, which just so happens to be one of my favorite bands. Way to go Paramount+, I am now hooked. With Dave and Virginia Grohl controlling the narrative, the story of Dan’s childhood is told through the eyes and experiences of those who lived it, Dan and his mom Christene. We quickly learn that Dan is one of nine siblings, he was raised Mormon, and that his mom, although apprehensive, supported his choice to be a musician..

I love how this episode gets the point of view from the family, those closest to Dan, and, of course, the mom. It is enlightening to hear their tales of how they go from child to superstar. What I love most about this series is that the conversations with those who helped shaped the rock star’s future are all unscripted. Dave or Virginia ask a question and we get a real time honest answer and expression. Weirdly, it makes me feel closer to the musician and some how, I like Imagine Dragons even more.

Dan and Christene Reynolds is the first episode that will get the viewers hooked, I know it hooked me. The next episodes will be released every Thursday over the next five weeks. Each will feature a rock star and their mother. I have included the list below. I am sure for many music fans, one of these episodes will feature a rock star they know and enjoy listening to.

  • Episode 1: Dan and Christene Reynolds (May 6, 2021)
  • Episode 2: Pharrell and Carolyn Williams (May 13, 2021)
  • Episode 3: Miranda and Bev Lambert (May 20, 2021)
  • Episode 4: Brandi and Teresa Carlile (May 27, 2021)
  • Episode 5: Tom and Mary Morello (June 3, 2021)
  • Episode 6: Geddy Lee and Mary Weinrib (June 10, 2021)

The future episodes of From Cradle to Stage follow the same premise. Dave and Virginia meet with the mom and the singer, get a point of view of their life, and ask interesting questions to get real reactions and answers about their path and their rock star/mom relationship. I will say this, with some of the musicians, the answers are impressive, however, other musicians make me blink in a stupor to their one word answer. Pharrell Williams is one of the musicians that shocked me the most. His interview shows this quiet almost shy person as he stares at the camera searching for an answer. Unlike his interview character, his music depicts this out-going lyrical man that can slam some of the most popular music out with record breaking sales. I would almost swear the two are completely different people. I wonder if this is because his mom might be watching the interview.

When the moms are interviewed, From Cradle to Stage goes from a rock star journey to a family journey. Many of us know that Miranda Lambert is a famous country singer, but not many of us know how her mom helped facilitate her journey to becoming a major country star. For example, did you know that Miranda’s mom, Beverly, became her “mom-ager?”

From Cradle to Stage is a fantastic series filled with honesty, humor, amazing childhood stories, and most importantly, it shares the reason for the rock star’s success, their mom. It tugs at your heart, makes you love the musicians even more, and literally makes you want to pull out some of their music and just enjoy the beat that all started with a supportive mother and her need-to-rock child. I love every part of this series and fully give it my recommendation with a 5 star review.

After watching the series and absolutely enjoying everything about From Cradle to Stage, I decided to do an unboxing video with my exciting MTV and Paramount+ mailer. The items inside cater to the rock star in all of us, give a shoutout to the moms for Mother’s Day, and a specific item shocked me and my camera person. I mean what is inside this mailer makes perfect sense, and you won’t hear my camera person complaining hahaha. I truly hope you enjoy and subscribe to get more fun videos in the future: SKGaleana on YouTube.