Frozen Fever Fascination!

On march 13, Cinderella will be released in theaters. While this is beyond awesome news, I can’t help but realize I may be slightly more excited for the Frozen Fever short, especially after they released the Frozen Fever Trailer!

score Kristoff

If you haven’t seen it…Take a look!

With Anna’s birthday around the corner, Elsa wants the party to be perfect! but will it happen? With Elsa catching a cold (odd for a snow queen) will the party be every bit as magical as she wants it to be? Frozen Fever dives into birthday madness with Elsa as she reacts to her cold and how to handle the unexpected troubles that it causes.

The original cast of characters comes back, including Kristoff, Sven, Olaf, and Marshmallow!

It will be nice to see Kristoff and Sven’s Goofy faces back on the big screen!
Goofy Kristoff

Perhaps Marshmallow will have a bigger part in the story this time around!

And Olaf…well while he is still adorable, putting back an eaten piece of cake is just nasty.
Olaf eww

I do have to say one of my favorite parts of the trailers is Elsa peeking over Anna’s bed. I half expected Elsa to say “You wanna build a snowman?” Just like Anna did as a young girl.
Elsa peeking

With all the characters coming back to the big screen and an all new song, this will be one of the most wonderful 7 minutes of our life.
Surprise Frozen Fever

Share your favorite moments from the trailer in the comments below!

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