Fruit Kabobs Inspired by PAW Patrol: Moto Pups – Recipe

Today is Memorial Day. It’s a day to remember all those we have lost while in the service of the United States. Coming from a family with a father that has served in the Navy and the Airforce, I want to take a moment and thank those who have and those who are serving, and I want to take a moment of silence for all those we have lost. Without our service men and women, the United States would not enjoy the freedoms and liberties they have fought so hard to keep.

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During this time, I know many families go out and celebrate our military with large BBQs, picnics, fireworks, and other amazing events. In anticipation of our family gettogethers, Nickelodeon has created a wonderful refreshing recipe inspired by the PAW Patrol. These fruit Kabobs are made in the shape of paw prints, dog bones, and a cat head.

To make these Fruit Kabobs, you will need:

  • Choose desired fruits:
    • Watermelon,
    • cantaloupe,
    • honeydew,
    • grapes,
    • pineapple,
    • and/or strawberries
  • Wooden kabob skewers
  • cookie cutters:
    • Paw print,
    • dog bone,
    • cat head,
    • shield

To get the instructions click the image below and save the PDF to your computer. Then print the PDF and create the recipe to start enjoying the delicious Moto Pup Kabobs.