Fun Luca Printable Coloring Pages and Activities

Welcome to Portorosso, the most charming sea side town you will ever find. All are welcome…unless of course, you are a sea monster. Disney/Pixar have released a new coming of age animated feature call Luca. Luca is a sea monster that dreams about the surface and all that it contains. When he meets Alberto, a fellow sea monster that lives like a human in the human world, Luca takes the plunge out of the water to learn what the world has to offer. Streaming now on Disney+, Luca is an imaginative and colorful story.


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While I love the art and characters in the movie Luca, I can’t say I really like this coming of age story. The idea that a child must run away from home in order to find himself is really quite horrid. I get that there are prejudices on both sides making it hard for a child to develop and find himself, but the act of running away just because one disagrees with their parents is not something I can condone or endorse. Running away is a very hard and tragic leap for all family members involved. With so many runaways never found again and families left to their own imagination on what could have happened to their child, it seems rather callus to make such a story. There are many different ways for a child to discover who he is with supportive parents in this curious world. I wish Disney could find a way to write one of those stories.

I am happy that the prejudices on both sides are identified and worked through as a community in the end. Thankfully, the kids find a path everyone can agree on and that the parents discuss what is best for their child’s future. We have Luca following his dreams, Alberto finding an accepting and loving home, and an entire community learning that not all sea monsters are monsters and sea monsters learning that not all humans and monsters. Unfortunately, it took a runaway scenario to make this change happen.

I think, before parents let their children watch Luca, there should be a quick conversation. Sit the kids down, explain the theme in the movie, but also explain that this is fiction; running away will not solve their problems. This will allow them to communicate their feelings and let them know that they can always talk to their parents and get help when needed. Every single human being on this planet has been through the ‘who am I stage’, and many of us are still there. This is common, this is normal, and there are people who can help when it gets tough.

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In honor of the release of Luca on Disney+, Disney has released a fun activity pack for fans to download print and create. Featuring Guilia, Alberto, Luca, and other characters from the film, this activity pack is fun for the whole family.

The Activity Pack includes

  • Draw your favorite Italian Food
  • Gelato Maze
  • Spot the differences Trio
  • Spot He Differences Sea World
  • Spot the differences Portorosso
  • Coloring Page Luca and Alberto on scooter
  • Coloring Page Luca and Alberto under water
  • Coloring Page Trio Guilia, Alberto and Luca
  • Coloring Page Cat
  • Build your own Scooter from spare Parts

To get the activity pack, click the image below and save the PDF to your computer. Then print and solve or color!

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