Get Ready for the Holidays with WizKids from LootCrate

It is getting cold outside. Do you know what that means? It means warm fireplaces, hot chocolate, and board games! If you are like my family, the board games have been played several (thousand) times and the game closet is in need of an upgrade. I mean we all love Shoots and Ladders, but maybe it is time for something more exciting.



LootCrate has heard our cries for new games! They have partnered with Wizkids to provide a LootCrate box of games they will send out every other month! Each box will contain THREE games with a combined value of $50 or more! For those with friends or family members who love to game, this makes an amazing gift that keeps on giving! Learn more at

I received a LootGaming box featuring games from WizKids and it is amazing! It contained nearly $70.00 worth of games! Check out my unbox video below.

Inside this LootCrate box, which costs $19.99, came three new epic games: Sovereign’s Chain, Thrown, and Fungeon Party. Each of these games have a suggested retail value at or above the cost of the LootCrate WizKids box! I am not sure if this will be normal, but it has me extremely happy with my gaming box! I can’t wait to learn and play the games with my family and friends! This easily gets 5 stars!

Get more details about the WizKids gaming box from my blog here.

To get the WizKids Gaming box, head over to LootCrate and subscribe! The site also has many other themed boxes that will make amazing Christmas Gifts. It is easy to find a box that will match the person you are shopping for. They have Harry Potter, Disney, Superheroes, and more! Because LootCrate makes it easy to shop for Christmas Gifts and the amazing value of each box, LootCRate is a must on the Holiday Gift Giving Guide!

As promised, here are some details about each game.

Sovereign’s Chain – SRP $19.99

Sovereign’s Chain is a strategic game where doing damage to your opponent is just as important as boosting the difference in points in your chain. In this game, the goal is to form a chain of stars and planet cards. Once the game is over the winner of the game is the one with the greatest difference between those two cards. How do you damage your opponent? You can play Class Cards in your opponent’s chain. calls it a “cutthroat card game”

Image from WizKids


  • 1 x Rulebook
  • 12 x Shield Tokens
  • 20 x Modifier Tokens
  • 20 x Suit Tokens
  • 4 x Reference Cards
  • 15 x Event Cards
  • 70 x Class Cards

Thrown – SRP $19.99

Thrown is a dice game where tricks are to be won. Unlike a normal trick-taking game, Thrown uses dice. This make your tricks random! For each trick won, the winner receives gold. Have the most gold at the end of the game and win. BUT there is a snag, this game also has special ability cards that will allow flipping your or your opponent’s dice to their opposite sides, removing dice, rerolling dice, automatically winning with a particular roll, etc.

image from WizKids


  • 40 Dice
  • Gold Tokens
  • 26 Cards
  • 4 Cubes
  • Rules
  • Box: 168 x 126 x 35mm

Fungeon Party – SRP $29.99

Fungeon Party puts the fun in dungeon. Each person is given a quest and is given 30 seconds to complete that quests. Quests might be stack dice on your forehead, bounce dice into the box, knock down a meeple surrounded by dice, balance a meeple on a stick, and more.

image from WizKids


  • 66 Challenge Cards
  • 7 Role Cards
  • 40 Dice
  • 1 Meeple
  • 6 Sticks
  • Rule Book