PAW Patrol: PUP-tastic! 8-DVD Collection Is the Perfect Holiday Gift Set

On November 10, PAW Patrol is releasing their biggest collection of rescues in a limited edition gift set, PAW Patrol: PUP-tastic! 8-DVD Collection (affiliate link). In the shape of Marshall’s fire truck, this gift set invites viewers to join Marshall and the PAW Patrol for over 12 hours of heroic rescues. To add even more fun and action-packed adventures to the collection, Robo Dog will have his very own DVD, PAW Patrol: Robo Dog Rescues!, which is only available in this PUP-tastic Collection!



I got the opportunity to review this collection, and let me just say…SO MUCH FUN!

PAW Patrol is a wonderful show encouraging friendship, teamwork, helping others, problem solving, understanding what others might be going through, and so much more. Ryder, with the help of the PAW Patrol pups Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, and Skye, help and save the community members of Adventure Bay with their awesome skills and fun vehicles. My family absolutely loves this show, so when I got the chance to review this fire truck limited edition of awesomeness, I couldn’t say no.

When I received the collection, the first thing I saw was an adorable fire truck box featuring our lovable puppies from the show all with smiling faces and ready for their next adventure. The fire truck box was heavier then I expected and I figured the collection was going to contain eight DVD cases with a DVD in each. In my mind it was the only thing that would account for the weight…I was wrong

Upon peeling off the plastic and pulling the handle of the box, I found one case….one wide DVD case with all eight DVDs inside. The weight of the box was actually the box itself. The walls of the fire truck are made of thick cardboard wrapped in gloss decals. The drawer is red and made of the same material. When the DVD case and cardboard insert are removed, the whole thing quickly shifts from being a DVD case to a fun fire truck toy that can hold all kinds of rescue-loving stuffed animals or action figures. In fact, it will never again hold the DVDs. How cool is it to get two gifts in one?! Let the imagination and play begin.

The DVDs included in the collection all have several episodes of Pup-tacular adventures. In fact, if my math is correct, these eight DVDs contain 53 episodes of PAW Patrol! Now that is a lot of rescuing fun! The DVDs and there episodes are:

  • PAW Patrol: Robo Dog Rescues! *Only available in this PUP-tastic Collection!
    • Pups save Ryder’s robot
    • Pups in a Fix
    • Pups Save the Paw Patroller
    • Pups Save a Robo-saurus
    • Pups Save a Cloud Surfer
    • Pups Save a Pony
    • Pups Save the Movie Monster
  • PAW Patrol: Ultimate Rescue
    • Pups Save the Royal Kitties
    • Pups Save the Tigers
    • Pups Save the Movie Monster
    • Pups Save a Swamp Monster
    • Pups and the Hidden Golden Bones
    • Bonus Episode: Top Wing Dream Team
  • PAW Patrol: Jungle Rescues
    • Tracker Joins the Pups
    • Pups Save Baby Humdinger
    • Pups Save an upset Elephant
    • Pups Save Big Hairy
    • Pups Save Big Paw
    • Pups Save Monkey-Dinger
    • Pups Jungle Trouble
  • PAW Patrol: Pups Chase a Mystery
    • Pups Save a Runaway Stargazer
    • Pups and the Mystery of the Missing Cell Phones
    • Pups Save a Cat Burglar
    • Pups Save the Mountain Climbers
    • Pups Save Captain Gordy
    • Pups Stop a Meltdown
    • Pups Turn on the Lights
  • PAW Patrol: Pups Save Puplantis
    • Pups Save Puplantis
    • Pups Save a Sunken Sloop
    • Pups Save a Wiggly Whale
    • Pups Save the Flying Diving Bell
    • Pups Save a Soggy Farm
    • Pups Save Their Pirated Sea Patroller
  • PAW Patrol: Sea Patrol
    • Pups Save a Baby Octopus
    • Pups Save a Shark
    • Pups Save the Pier
    • Pirate Pups to the Rescue
    • Pups Save A Frozen Flounder
    • Pups Save a Narwhal
  • PAW Patrol: Summer Rescues
    • Pups Save The Fireworks
    • Pups Save the Carnival
    • Pups Save a Ferris Wheel
    • Pups Save the camping Trip
    • Pups Save Dude Ranch Danny
    • Pups Save the Chli Cook-off
    • Pups Save a Sleepover
    • Pups Save a Windsurfing Pig
  • PAW Patrol: The Great Pirate Rescue!
    • Pups and the Pirate Treasure
    • Pups and the Ghost Pirate
    • Pups save the Day
    • Pups save a Goodway
    • Pups Save a Pool Day
    • Circus Pup-formers

Out of all the DVDs included in the PUP-tastic Collection, PAW Patrol: Robo Dog Rescues! is probably the most anticipated. This DVD can only be found in the PUP-tastic Collection and features the high flying Robo Dog in seven fun episodes..

There is a ton of fun, adventures, and excitement in this PAW Patrol: PUP-tastic! 8-DVD Collection that the whole family can enjoy. From the cool fire truck case to the eight fantastic DVD, this is a top 2020 Christmas gift and is certainly going on my 2020 Holiday Gift Guide. I give it FIVE Stars!

If you wish to purchase a copy of this amazing PAW Patrol: PUP-tastic! 8-DVD Collection, click the link below. It is an affiliate link and will take you directly to the pre-order page since this DVD collection is not released until November 10, 2020.

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